What is the GKS Initiative about?

The Greater Kromme Stewardship initiative is a conservation project near St. Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape. It is named for the Kromme River, a watery lifeline that sustains the plants, animals and people that live in the area. The Greater Kromme area is home to many threatened species and ecosystems, some of which are not found anywhere else.
The initiative brings together wind farms, conservationists, farmers and government, who share a goal to protect the natural environment. These partners are using an approach called Biodiversity Stewardship. This is an exciting new legal process that can declare nature reserves on private land. It can be for a whole property, or just an environmentally important part of a property. Biodiversity Stewardship helps ordinary people become responsible stewards of the natural spaces that they own.


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If you are interested in finding out more, please contact:
Wentzel Coetzer - Biodiversity Stewardship Facilitator
+27 72 534 5914
[email protected]